Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 How To Unlock Vegito

Dragon ball xenoverse how to unlock vegito complete parallel quest 37 potara warrior to unlock vegito. If your character is not yet at level 80 you will need some experience to approach whis.

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Spanning from the main anime manga series to the one off movies to dragon ball gt xenoverse 2 has a character for everybody but they are not all available from when you boot up the game for the first time.


Dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to unlock vegito. Xenoverse 2 on the playstation 4 a gamefaqs message board topic titled which pq unlocks vegito. Last edited by amidamaru. So i can t say how powerful he is.

Dragon ball xenoverse 2. First have whis as master and max out friendship with him. First of all you will have to have whis as instructor it is accessible as master from the lvl 80.

Dragon ball xenoverse 2. All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos news guides reviews. How to unlock vegito s variations.

Saiyan revolt in order to unlock vegito be sure to. Clear with raditz and nappa surviving as done in the video. Variation i only got 1 and 3 how can i unlock the 2nd one.

How do i unlock the 1st and 2nd variations of vegito. He is unlocked by completing parallel quest 91 saiyan revolt with an ultimate finish. I ve come for you.

In the dragon ball main series he was created in order to fight against super buu after the latter had absorbed gotenks piccolo and gohan. Silver 30g unlocked all characters and variations. How to unlock vegito gi 2.

Vegito is the incredibly powerful fusion of goku and vegeta created through the use of the potara earrings. I not tried him yet. Dragon ball xenoverse 2 how to unlock ssgss for cac.

To unlock vegito and super saiyan 4 goku you must beat the legendary super saiyan saga by collecting the 5 time shards 1 from beating demigra 1 from beating pq 2 one i forget or 21 with an ultimate finish 1 from beating pq 14 18 or 49 with an ultimate finish and 1 from a time patroller named recon he should be right outside the time vault area. This is the series of. Wait its a comically large spoon.

Dragon ball xenoverse 2 has the largest roster of characters for players to dive in and pummel each other with. You need to win with at least a d rank. I only unlocked the 3rd one from pq 91 but dont know how to unlock the others thanks in advance showing 1 4 of 4 comments.

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