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Keep reading the fish messages if it doesn t say good doesn t matter if it s an item a mob or another fish don t reel it in it could risk breaking your line or worst your rod. 1 introduction 1 1 about this guide 2 levels 1 53 3 levels 53 86 4 levels 86 108 5 ending notes welcome to my fishing skill up guide.

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Hit the directional keys or move the controller s toggle within the time limit of the arrows appearance to lower the fish s stamina its hp bar stop pressing anything when the fish s stamina hits zero the fish will not thrash if you aren t pressing anything and press enter or confirm to reel it in.


Bmo Show. Fishing from any river in east ronfaure the targets will be cheval salmon and shining trout using a halcyon rod and fly lure until level 21. All glass fiber fishing rod. 21 to 27 east ronfaure any ronfaurian river again fishing from the same river s in east ronfaure using a halcyon rod and a shrimp lure your targets will be tricolored carp gold carp until level 27.

All ebisu fishing rod. 1 fishing rod that appears in far eastern mythology. Shrimp lure great saltwater fishing lure for 20 30 skill best results with ocean fishing done off a boat.

4 gear 2 asis 10 fishing rod varies meaning you should be aiming for fish around 15 levels approximately above your current level. All fastwater fishing rod. All ebisu fishing rod 1.

Fishing rod specifics willow fishing rod as with the yew the extremely low durability of the willow rod limits its usefulness to all but a few specific target fish and locations. Fishing just like every other craft has skill cap levels where you need to turn in an item in this case a fish in order to receive more skillups. 1 fishing rod designed for fast water fishing.

1 fishing rod that appears in far eastern mythology. However willow rods will actually come in handy if you decide to level up through the late 50s by break fishing on the ferry. 1 rod made of different materials designed for catching big fish.

If you have any questions about fishing akirussan probably has an answer for you. I am going to get this out of the way and put a direct link to this guide which is practically a work of art. I tend to hang out on the selbina mhaura boat with this lure for great results.

The first thing to do is go to the fishing guild in port windurst and talk to thubu parohren the fishing guildmaster. It is definitely a suggested read for any serious fisher.

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