How To Adjust Pendulum Clock

3 move the minute hand clockwise if the clock is a few minutes off. The adjustment nut is a large nut at the bottom of the pendulum just below the large disk or weight called the bob.

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If the beat is irregular like.


Bmo Show. Likewise if the stronger sound is on the left bend the crutch slightly to the left. Move the pendulum to the left marking the point where the clock ticks. This is adjusted by turning the nut at the bottom of the pendulum.

If you turn the nut as to lower the bob the clock will run slower. Mark the neutral point on the masking tape. The clock will run slower.

Moving it up pushes the bob the round disk up so the clock will run faster. Set the pendulum back into motion and continue listening. If a clock is out of beat the pendulum will swing for a few minutes then stop even if the clock case is level.

If the clock is 2 hours fast wind the minute hand counterclockwise 2 full rotations. The bob will settle lower making the effective length of the pendulum longer. 2 check your clock against accurate timepiece or computer.

Adjustment on the dial if your clock has a small arbor protruding the dial near the 12 or the 6 or perhaps in the center of the dial then use this method. Stop the pendulum and bend the crutch near its middle slightly to the right with the needle nose pliers if the stronger tick is to the right. If your clock is only off by anywhere from a few minutes to an hour it will be faster to move the minute hand in a clockwise direction.

Speed up turn nut left to right slow down turn right to left the longer you make the pendulum the slower the grandfather clock. If the clock is running fast turn the pendulum nut counterclockwise to decrease the rate. Then you need to swing the ball to the left for it to start.

Let the pendulum hang in its neutral position and place a piece of masking tape on the case just below the pendulum. Adjusting the speed of the clock is accomplished by moving the pendulum disk bob up or down. If the clock is running slow turn the pendulum nut clockwise to increase the rate.

The second type of adjustment is usually indicated by a small pinion hole or a horizontal slit in the dial and a fixed or non adjustable bob that hangs onto the hooked end of the pendulum rod. The shorter you make the pendulum the faster the grandfather clock. Next move the pendulum to the right marking the point where the clock ticks.

To slow down the clock loosen the adjustment nut turn it toward your left. Tock tick tock tick an adjustment must be made or the clock will stop. Adjust your pendulum clock to the correct time and then set the clock on a level surface and check that it is wound appropriately or not.

Repeat as necessary until the clock keeps time. Adjust the bob up or down in small increments by turning the threaded nut then run the clock for a week to determine its accuracy. Setting the beat of the pendulum clock.

Adjusting the speed of the clock is accomplished by moving the pendulum disk bob up or down.

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