How To Attach Bait To Fishing Rod Stardew Valley

You can t attach bait to the basic one. To cast a fishing rod into a body of water hold down the use tool button left mouse button on pc x button on xbox on playstation.

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You can remove the bait by right clicking or pressing x a second time.


Bmo Show valley. With an xbox controller you select it with a and equip it to the fishing pole with x. Pick the bait up and right click it onto the rod. To un attach right click the rod.

How to use fishing bait to use bait highlight the bait in your inventory then pick it up as though you re going to move it. When all bait is used up the game pops up a notification saying you ve used your last piece of bait on an xbox controller press a on the bait to select the whole stack or x to pick up a single one then x to attach to the rod. Mar 6 2016 7 07am make sure you are using a fishing rod not the bamboo pole default that you get take the whole stack and put it on the rod for me it s.

What type of fishing rod do you have. Here s the wiki page for bait https. Multiplayer isn t supported on mobile.

I dont get it showing 1 5 of 5 comments. For the life of me i cannot figure out. Stardew valley general discussions topic details.

A meter appears indicating how far the line will go. To attach bait to a fishing rod open your inventory click on the bait left click or right click depending on how many you want to pick up and then right click on the rod. Mar 6 2016 7 05am how to attach bait to your fishing rod.

Each cast uses one piece of bait or one magnet. Tackle is only equippable on the. Stardew valley is an open ended country life rpg with support for 1 4 players.

How do i attached bait to the fishing rod on ps4. To remove bait right click on the rod. You can only start using bait with the fiberglass rod unlocked at fishing skill level two or the iridium pole which is purchasable from the fish shop eventually.

The bait will now be equipped to the pole. Now go to the fishing pole and right click. To attach bait to your fishing rod open the inventory screen then left click or right click on the bait left click to select the stack right click to select one piece of bait and then right click on the fishing rod.

Note that you also need to have the fiberglass rod this won t work with the bamboo starter rod. You attach tackle the same way. You can attach a whole stack of bait so you only need to do this every now and then.

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