How To Make A Wall Clock

Make the play do lid clocks for the kids rooms that will be colorful and enchanting. But clocks represent the passage of time so even if your diy clock is for pure decor value that s ok.

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Cover also the plywood circles with colorful fabric and make round fabric wall clocks in no time.


Bmo Show. Route out the wood inside the traced shape. Simply tie a string or wire to a pencil. Numbers are placed 30 degrees apart from each other starting at 12 o clock.

You can use the clock machine from old wall clock or get it from ebay for. It should be about 1 2 thick. Tape down the middle of your clock face from top to bottom or from 12 o clock to 6 o clock.

You can choose your own font or draw the numbers using the paint brush or pen tools using the type tool. Alternatively you could even use the pencil and string technique to make a circle outline. This project requires a pallet a h.

Then pin the other end of the string to the center of your board to be used as a pivot point. Place the shaft in the hole and trace around the movement. Remove the paper circle and place a masking tape x over the center mark.

Put a straight bit in your router and set the depth to the thickness of the movement. Replace the paper circle and make another dot in the center hole on the masking tape. So learn Bmo Show and try these classy Bmo Show to dress up your walls with something more fun than just a painting.

Line the circle up on the back of the plate evenly and make a dot in the center hole. I show you how to make a really large rustic wall clock from reclaimed pallet wood and a clock movement found on amazon. Next spread the decorative fabric on the wall and then add the decorative plastic wall art frames as numerals.

You should be able to easily find 12 o clock because it s one of the darker lines. Clocks are easy and inexpensive to make and simply require a base and a purchased clock kit. Pull the pencil until the string is tight and start drawing your circle.

Place the clock movement in the hole and make sure it fits. In this video i show you how to make a wall clock or a table clock from cardboard. You want to tape just a few millimeters off centre so that you can paint right up to the centre line.

Make sure the tape is firmly pressed down to avoid the paint leaking underneath the tape. Begin to add the numbers for the clock.

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