How To Respool A Fishing Reel

Then tie your knot to secure your line to the spool. After you ve secured your fishing line to the spool close your bail and add some tension to the line by either pinching between your fingers or holding the line to the pole near the first eyelet.

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Casey davidson demonstrates how to properly re spool a spincast reel and gives many tips along the way web.


How to respool a fishing reel. The easiest way to do this is to hold the reel the same way you would if you were actually fishing. Much like the difference in casting a baitcasting and spinning ree. Mike iaconelli teaches you how to correctly spool a spinning reel to eliminate line twist prevent tangles and be as efficient as possible while out on the.

Reeling the line on to the reel once you have a secure knot tied around the spool you can begin reeling line on to the spool. Once you ve noted these things you can get started spooling your spinning reel. Pull on the main line until everything cinches down on the spool and then trim your tag end.

Casey davidson demonstrates how to properly spool a spinning reel and gives many tips along the way. To do this all you need to do is already have the line through the line guides have someone at the end of your rod holding the spool between a pencil or pen so the line comes off smoothly. Start from the top and thread through the hole towards the reel.

This is the way the line will be spooled onto the reel. Turn the wheel at least 2 to 3 times to determine if the reel turns clockwise or counterclockwise. To start thread your line through the bottom guide with the bail open.

Learning how to spool a reel is likely the first thing you ll need to learn about fishing. The opposite direction is the way the line will peel off the spool when you cast.

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