How To Set Up A Cuckoo Clock

Make sure the clock is hanging 100 horizontally straight and flush on the wall to make sure the pendulum is not touching the case. To confirm that your cuckoo clock is operating correctly advance the minute hand clockwise to the nearest hour or half hour and listen for the cuckoo and music for musical clocks.

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Pull the pendulum to one side or the other and release it to start the clock.


How to set up a cuckoo clock. Gently nudge the pendulum to one side to the clock starts ticking. Do not move the silencing handle while the cuckoo calls or the music plays. If your clock runs fast gently slide the pendulum leaf or disc downwards.

The pendulum is what regulates the time. After setting the hands pull up the weights if they are down. To listen to the sound again you have to pull the handle or push it down.

Move the minute hand pausing at each quarter hour for the quail and cuckoo call. To set a cuckoo clock you ll need to hang the clock on a wall start it then turn the minute hand to the right time. The clock is hanging in the correct vertical position when the tick tock of the pendulum is even.

To start the clock gently push the pendulum to one side. Setting the hands cuckoo. Setting the hands quail and cuckoo.

Although the clock itself is not heavy the downward pressure put on the nail or screw is much greater when the clock is having the chains pulled to wind it and this can cause. Hanging a clock by anchoring it directly into a stud is the best and most secure way to mount your cuckoo clock it is generally recommended that you use a screw with a minimum of 2 inches in length for going through the drywall and into a stud. Some clocks have a threaded adjuster at the bottom of the pendulum.

Anchoring your cuckoo clock to a stud. Then wind the clock by gently pulling the chain without a weight on it towards the floor. Cuckoo clock set up when you get your cuckoo home please follow the steps below for easy setup and operation.

Please see the last paragraph for more information. Move the minute hand pausing at each hour and half hour for the cuckoo call. If the clock runs slow slide the pendulum disc upwards.

Never move the minute hand counterclockwise past 6 or 12. Once the weight reaches the top your cuckoo clock is fully wound. The cuckoo clock must be in a perpendicular way.

Start with the clock hanging vertically on the wall. Hang cuckoo on a sturdy nail or screw in the wall. Be sure to let the cuckoo and music run its full cycle before advance the minute hand again.

There are certain places in the house which are not appropriate for cuckoo clocks.

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