How To Thread An Old Sewing Machine

Once the needle assembles is in place and you need to take the thread from the spool and pass it through the thread guide on top of the sewing machine. Pull the thread to the left and wrap it around the metal hook on the top of the machine or around the bobbin thread tension button if the machine is equipped with one.

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The thread will now go down on the left side of the take up lever.


Bmo Show. You will be looping it around the tension discs on the bottom and then back up towards the top along and through the second thread guide. The same basic steps are used to thread most older machines. You will feel which is the right notch to put the thread through.

Some older machines this is a silver nob thingy this is the tension. Pull the thread down. This will ultimately create a long narrow u shape with your thread.

Once you have pulled the thread through the hole of the thread guide you need to pull it down and then make it go around the tensioner and then its spring. Step 1 place a spool of thread on the spindle and an empty bobbin on the bobbin winding spool. Place the thread through the take up lever.

Bring the thread down and around this nob toward the back notice that you can not see the threadâ this is the right way. Follow the directional arrows on your sewing machine by pulling the thread through the guide and towards you. Thread the sewing machine needle.

Some machines are set up so the thread will slide into this while others require you to place the thread through a hole. Locate and thread any thread guides leading down to the sewing machine needle.

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