What About Snow Makes It Particularly Suited To A Poem About The Brevity Of Beauty

Follow report log in to add a comment answer 5 0 5 1. Poetry s brevity makes it particularly suited to our time as does its flexibility as does its ability to supply what is absent from all this streamed information.

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If you re referring to accumulated snow snow that s on the ground it s suited for a poem about the brevity of beauty because it s only beautiful so long as it s virgin.


What about snow makes it particularly suited to a poem about the brevity of beauty. Snowdrop ted hughes. Just like beauty doesn t last forever snow doesn t either. Thus the poet wants to experience the beauty around in whatever form he happens to find.

1 what connotations of snow are appropriate to a description of a mass of cherry blossoms. This is a great book to read for a quiet story time to introduce a unit on winter or snow. Help me out pls.

What are some connotations of snow that are not appropriate to this poem. Through the poem loveliest of trees houseman tried to underline the brevity of life against the vastness of earth and the limitless beauty that abounds in it. I think most brevity of nature s beauty is about spring or summer.

An organizing principle of meaning of pathos. What connotations of snow makes it particularly suited to a poem about brevity of beauty. The writer of prose can only step aside when the.

It s half and half because it s beautiful and kills. What about snow makes it partially suits to a poem about the brevity and beauty. It is the sublimest activity of the human mind.

It s tremendously good and you re right similar to this one in its brevity and strangeness i particularly love the last line of it. It would definitely keep the students attention. The sing song voice of the poetry is soothing and the illustrations are great.

The snow is making a comeback. This book reminds me a little bit of shel silverstein s poetry which i also love. Alliesnowwhiteozbz5m 1 kason11wd and 1 other learned from this answer snow white was considered the most beautiful with a face as pale as snow and.

The tiniest breath of warm wind or sunlight will melt them and they ll be gone like they never existed. Great book of poetry about winter and snow. Most poems i ve read about snow or winter talk about how it kills life with just perfunctory comments about how beautiful it is.

Need now see answers 2 ask for details. It is the achievement of beauty and delicacy. A time that is gone is gone forever and the time that is to come is a mere presumption.

Snowflakes could be considered the epitome of brevity. The poem contains a biblical allusion. They re transient and can be short lived.

How do you know. The moment someone or something trounces across it its beauty is sullied it becomes ugly and people can t wait until the eyesore melts.

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