What Happened To Launch In Dragon Ball

The budding warriors take launch to roshi s island and from that point onward she becomes one of the dragon ball gang. She appeared in numerous story arcs leading up to the 23rd world martial arts tournament though she never appears in the dragon ball manga again after this.

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Launch is shown in the mushroom forest fleeing from the police on her s cargo after she robbed a bank to buy food for.


What happened to launch in dragon ball. Dragon ball z was slightly kinder to launch as the anime staff included her in some of the early story arcs. Launch was a major character in the early parts of dragon ball. What happened to her.

Although never integral to the plot launch was an ever present supporting character for most of dragon ball with. They don t give any mention about her in dragon ball z or gt and she seems to have just disappeared in dragon ball. Launch dragon ball s one of the most memorable dual personality character mysteriously disappeared from the series after her debutant in the series.

It can be quite weird and baffling if your one of favorite anime character unexpectedly sidesteps from the series without any specified reason. Launch is briefly seen at the beginning of dragon ball z still performing criminal heists while in her blonde form while continuing a romantic relationship with tien often interrupting his training with chiaotzu after the two fighters leave to train at kami s lookout in preparation for the arrival of napa and vegeta launch attempts to join them by climbing korin s tower. Early in the dragon ball series goku and krillin rescue a chick named launch who could switch personalities by sneezing.

Launch is introduced when young goku and krillin are sent on a mission to find a girlfriend for master roshi a storyline that hasn t aged particularly well. Launch s first appearances in dragon ball z is as her blonde self during the vegeta saga and apparently she has stayed with tien shinhan and chiaotzu since the end of dragon ball. Outside of a brief appearance towards the end of dragon ball z s buu saga when she s seen giving some of her energy for goku s spirit bomb launch s wherabouts during the z series has been a mystery.

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