What Is Beauty In Art

Beauty alone is not art but art can be made of about or for beautiful things. The latter strategy regards beauty subjectively as something that occurs in the mind of the subject who perceives beauty beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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The former approach considers beauty objectively as something that exists in its own right intrinsically in the something or art object independently of being experienced.


What is beauty in art. This is in part due to the difficulty of defining beauty but also in light of evolving attitudes over time to the place that it should occupy in our public and private lives and how and whether art should embody this. The divisive guardian art critic jonathan jones wrote a piece in 2012 about the rejection of beauty in contemporary art which aligned this view with far older beliefs that beauty is the most dangerous idea in art. Beauty can be found in a snowy mountain scene.

Whatever you believe art to be and many art pieces will bring about different reactions in you it is clear that the explanation is complicated and not definitive. Art is the photograph of it shown to family the oil interpretation of it hung in a gallery or the music score recreating the scene in crotchets and quavers. Beauty possibly doesn t exist and there is no absolute beauty in this world.

Beauty is what we see as characteristic and harmonious. The subject of beauty has always been a thorny one for many artists and critics to wrestle with.

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