Who Is The Strongest Human In Dragon Ball

Gods of destruction magical angels and extraterrestrial monkey men abound and yet the strongest of all is a human child. But despite becoming more of a background character as the franchise continued videl is actually one of the strongest humans in the series.

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Introduced in the final third of dragon ball z after a seven year time jump the teenage daughter of martial arts champion hercule or mr.


Who is the strongest human in dragon ball. He posses the strongest attack in the series destructo disk able to kill anything. It is a common fan theory or rather a fan analysis fanalysis that krillin is the strongest human in the entire dragon ball franchise and the evidence backing it up is rather convincing. The god of everything the omni king the lord of all zeno isn t going away anytime soon.

Many characters have held the title of strongest throughout the course of dragon ball. The peaceful world saga which has been more or less rewritten by dragon ball super is still the official final saga of dragon ball z. Krillin is the strongest human obviously.

If you ask me tien did put up a much better fight against nappa than krillin did. Satan in the original videl would go on to marry one of the series main characters gohan and have a daughter with him. There s a popular theory that claims krillin is the strongest human in the entire dragon ball franchise and we have to agree with that theory for the most part we ll get to why in a second.

While we may never know for sure until they come to blows krillin is arguably the better fighter out of the two of them and arguably the stronger of the two since he had his potential unlocked on namek. You can argue that this only counts for dragonball but let s take a look at dragonball z the saiyan saga. Goku was the strongest character a saiyan with piccolo on a close second as namekian and tien coming in at a close third as human.

Despite being taken out more times than any other characters in the series krillin has stood his ground and held his own against some of the strongest villains in dragon ball including frieza and cell. It might surprise some people that yajirobe the gruff overweight samurai companion of the z team is actually one of the strongest humans on earth. Roshi demon king piccolo goku raditz vegeta frieza cell buu gohan vegetto.

Krillin and goku were both students of master roshi so they share some of their techniques and training which already makes krillin a strong opponent. Excluding gt which is not series canon the epilogue is uub s only appearance in the franchise but he proves in a short space of time that he is easily the strongest human in dbz. Has stated this multiple times in the series.

Yajirobe may be an asocial guy who doesn t do much fighting but he has quite a few heroic moments throughout the series. But while krillin found peace in the early days of dragon ball super tien s training never really stopped. Beat the player character in the dragon ball heroes games has proven that his power is limitless possibly making him the most powerful saiyan to ever grace the series.

The difference between zeno and those who came before him however is the fact that this time around zeno s bound to stay the strongest. Akira toriyama creator of db dbz dbgt etc. The list goes on and on.

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